A Gathering Few & Far

On July 27th, a hot 90º Saturday, a group of street artists that call Richmond home gathered around an unassuming building at the corner of 5th & Albany in the revitalized Manchester, for Paint Party, a celebration of street art, music & creative community. Sticker bomber CRUDCITY and MEME, founder of the all women graffiti & skate crew Few & Far, organized this event. It was a great opportunity, at least for myself, to meet some of the artists behind Richmond’s street art, to make connections, foster new relationships and share in our appreciation for this polarizing art form.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many of these artists were people of color and after a conversation with MEME, realized that she was as well. “I didn’t even plan for it to be that way..” she told me, “I just invited a bunch of my friends and people whose work I liked. I didn’t realize til we all came together that so many of us were of color. She actually grew up on a reservation,” said MEME, pointing to fellow Few & Far member Medusa. “I definitely try to always represent for my people as an indigenous woman.

Also working alongside the Few & Far collective was local leading lady muralist Nico Cathcart and Roshi K, former Richmond native returning home after making a name for herself in street art in Texas. Circling the rest of the building were artists like Skane Design, FREAK, ENVYS, Jered Fykes, Jowarnise, Jam, BlackBelt Jones and more. With a performance from AARNxBRWN and sets from DJs Neili Neil, LadySyren and the 45 King, Billy Crystal Fingers, it was an amazing day. For me, the day was prophetic, serving as a glimpse of the possibility this city holds for creatives building their own platforms. Overall, it was a day of positivity and camaraderie. I look forward to a Richmond where these gatherings are commonplace and the scene receives more support from city structures. Until then, let’s continue to show support for people like CRUDCITY & MEME, and all the creatives in Richmond collectively making something out of nothing.

Keep Painting,