Doowutchalike (Just my thoughts people)


One of the beautiful things about rap music is the different styles, the different flavors you can have at one time and they are all equally dope. You could have a mix with Kendrick Lamar rhyming crazy fast then a Freddie Gibbs joint on right after and sprinkle some Nas in there, 3 different styles of rap, all dope. Rap is too big for just one style to dominate, if your only outlets to music are what you see on TV and radio then you can get desensitized to other styles of rap. Look at the club scene for example, twerk music/trap rap reigns supreme, and that's fine, its purpose is to make you dance. If that's all you listen to though, and you hear something down tempo or out of your comfort zone, its wack or "boring" to you.

Scienze – Waitress

Fat Joe once said in an interview that he found himself in a club one night and the DJ was spinning the normal joints you hear in a club, then switched up and started spinning some classic hip hop, he said for a second he was like "when is he gonna start playing some new stuff again...then thought to myself what am I thinking??". It just goes to show you that when you hear too much of one style you can get trapped into liking only that style (maybe that's why they call it TRAP music, they sound more like addicts than trappers). I'm looking at a playlist on someone’s Apple Music while I write this and can't help but notice that it’s a certain style of rap only, one particular sound, there are different flavors of rap out here that you could enjoy as well, especially with sites like Bandcamp thriving.

Nickelus F & Ohbliv - Might As Well

Directed by: Nils Westergard @nilsrva

Matter of fact there are different flavors of music period, I was listening to Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers one Sunday afternoon when my 14yr old cousin came in the crib looking at me crazy like "are you serious?", I told him its more out there than just these rappers man. Don't be afraid to step out of the box and try something new, check out some jazz (learn how to relax), some rock music or some 80's pop, play Madonna "Holiday" or Tears for Fears "Shout" right now and I might get hype, I grew up in the 80s and that's what we were rocking too along with Run-DMC. Rather than compare the old days to now, I rather just show and prove, so I'm about to give you an example of some good hip hop flavor (from this decade!! Even this week!!) below this piece. We got enough drip going around in rap and hip hop right now, but let’s focus on the flavor, the style...we still got it.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Overload

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